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Young Adult Carer Newsletter - First Edition - December 2020

Welcome to our first Young Adult Carer newsletter!

It's been a strange year, hasn't it? We've gone from seeing each other in person at the YAC (Young adult carer) Cafes to seeing each other behind a screen at our virtual ones. But just because we can't meet face to face, doesn't mean we stop meeting or supporting you.

In this newsletter you will find:

  • Upcoming virtual cafes, workshops and activities

  • Blogs on mental health, university and more

  • Our new Young Adult Carer Salisbury Project - information and updates

  • YAC and YAC Team News


Upcoming virtual cafes, workshops and activities:

Virtual Cafes:

Come along to our virtual cafes from quizzes, games and more! If you'd rather not turn your camera on, that's okay too.

Virtual Cafes:

  • Tuesday 22nd December starting at 1:30pm - Christmas themed!

  • Tuesday 19th January starting at 1.30pm - Sports themed

  • Tuesday 23rd February starting at 1:30pm - Music themed

  • Tuesday 23rd March starting at 1:30pm - TV/Film themed

  • April café to be confirmed but will take part in half term and will be Easter themed

For the link to join these cafes, please email your support worker, or contact us here.



From mental health workshops to first aid and more.

  • Mental Health First Aid Online Workshop - To be confirmed for 2021

Days Out:

  • Day out at Longleat – To be confirmed for April 2021

We are also organizing other events and workshops and will update you when we know more!

If you are interested in joining the workshops, please contact us here, or email your support worker.

Please note only those registered with us can join activities. To register, please click here. (Registration only available for those in Wiltshire, UK).


NEW - Salisbury Project

We are running a YAC pilot programme in Salisbury providing tailored support for YAC’s in the LGBTQ+ and disabled communities, as well as those suffering from mental ill-health. It includes 1-1 support, online cafes and small support groups. It will be an opportunity to meet other YAC’s in the same position, help prioritise individual needs and plan for the future. This project will also develop volunteer opportunities to improve confidence and employability, aiding those wanting to enter work or education.


Young Adult Carer and Volunteer Rosario has been writing some great blogs for us here on YACbook.

We are always looking for young adult carers to write blogs and other content for YACbook and our social media platforms. If you'd like to write something for us, contact us here. We'd love to hear from you.



Support Worker Andrea gets a puppy!

I decided when I moved last year that I would get another dog so Amica my collie had a friend. Just before lockdown I got a bearded collie pup. We have named her Indi and she is beautiful. She needs three walks a day so we have a rota going, however I do like to do the evening one to help me unwind after work.

Nobody likes the morning one so we get my husband to do that one!!

She has a few bizarre things she likes to do. One of which is to get into the shower (when it’s not on) and have a snoop about. She also likes to eat plants and earth!!

If you attend the YAC café you will probably see her as she likes to make a guest appearance.


Transitions Worker Rachel jumps out of a plane!

I have wanted to do a skydive for a long time now and I finally did it! After filling in paperwork, attending training, being ‘harnessed-up’, hooked into the plane and taxi-ing to the run way – it was called off due to high winds! The next morning, however, taxi-soon turned into lifting off and ascending to 13,500 ft. With stunning views of the Isle of Wight and Boscombe down to admire, I had almost forgotten the next steps. It wasn’t until the tone of the plane’s engine lowered, the door suddenly opening and my partner Tom (jumping first) suddenly disappearing out of sight, that I realised this was actually happening!!!!

Before I knew it I was free-falling reaching a top speed of 133 mph for 51 seconds before getting the signal the chute was about to be opened…just incredible! Under the chute you could really appreciate the breath-taking views and I was able to steer into a left handed spiral before heading to the landing spot. Such an incredible experience that I will never forget. Here’s my video if you would like to see it all for yourself…apologies for the terrible acting and FYI I haven’t passed out when I’m hanging out of the door!


Celina is a vet care assistant!

It hasn’t been an easy ride to get to where I have come. I’m not fully at the end of my dream job however, I am now halfway there. I am a fully qualified vet care assistant which will now help me progress onto the student vet nurse position in the future. I have worked so hard to get to where I am. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster going to 2 different colleges. Thank you to all the young adult carers team for helping me get to where I am. They have helped me in so many ways from just a good meet up having a coffee and cake to helping me with grants and just believing in me when I didn’t. They helped me with not only equipment for college but transport too. If it wasn’t for the team I wouldn’t of been able to get to and from college. Thank you!



How are you feeling?

Things are a bit strange this year, and it's understandable you might be feeling a bit anxious, stressed or low.

Are you a teacher or professional?

Are you a teacher or professional? To refer a young carer or young adult carer to us, click here.

To find out information for teachers and professionals, and download display materials to raising awareness of young carers and young adult carers, click here.

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