Support With Employment

Balancing caring for someone alongside working can be incredibly hard. But maybe you would like to get back into work after having to give it up for your caring role, or maybe you've never had a chance to find a career you love. Whatever your situation, we can support you.



From CV and interview advice, to free courses that can further your skills and volunteering opportunities, we can help you gain confidence and take the next steps to find your career or exciting new job.  

Carers Trust found that 1 in 5 people give up work to care, but over half of carers not in work actually want to be. Here you can find find advice, information, links, tips and tricks on everything to do with caring and working. 

Did you know you can find lots of CV boosting courses online? Even some for free! 


We also offer some free online courses if you're registered as a carer with us. Click here to find out more. 

CV Boosters


Check out Future Learn for a wide range of courses, including some that you can do for free!


Check out Alison which offers lots of different courses, some for free. You can get a certificate with a lot of them as well!


Check out Open Learn which offers free courses developed by The Open University!

Job seeking advice and tips webinar!


Check out The Building Bridges Project - they help people overcome barriers to education and employment across Swindon and Wiltshire.


Check out Do-it, which makes it easier for people to volunteer in their community. There are even some online volunteering opportunities! 


Check out Volunteering Matters, an organisation focused on volunteering for young people, disabled people, families and elderly people. 

Volunteering is such a great way of building skills, self-confidence and even making friends and getting references for future jobs.

There are such a wide range of volunteering opportunities out there. You can even volunteer with us!


But how do I balance working and caring?


If you are already in employment but are struggling to manage both caring and working, it's really important to tell your manager or employer about your caring role. They can find ways to make things easier for you, find out more on the NiDirect website.


You may even be able to get carers leave (paid or unpaid), compassionate leave and even borrow or buy more time off. Find out more here.


Have you had a Carers Assessment? If not, register with us here to get the process started. A Carers Assessment can assess your needs, like what might need to be put in place to enable you to continue working or to find work. 

Work stuff stressing you out? 

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All employees have the right to request flexible working from their employer - this could mean the ability to work from home, swap and change your hours, and overall make it easier for you to look after someone whilst working. Your employer must seriously consider your application and can only reject it if they have a good reason to do so. 

Did you know that...

Check out this website!

The Learning and Work Institute has some great resources for Young Adult Carers including some downloadable packs for Young Adult Carers in the workplace and more. Check it out here!

Here to Help

  • If you are registered with us as a carer we can offer 1-1 support for advice with your CV, interview tips and skills. 

  • Our helpful team also has lots of information on benefits, training courses, getting back into work and more.

  • If you live in Wiltshire and are not registered with us as a carer you can sign up here. Outside of Wiltshire? Click here to find a Carer Support organisation in your area. 

With you for your journey