What We Do

3 in 5 of us will take on a caring role for someone close to us at some point in our lives, yet we know how isolating and confusing caring as a young adult can be. This is where YACbook comes in – as a safe, friendly and understanding online community dedicated to young adult carers, we’re here for you no matter what your caring role looks like or involves.

As part of Carer Support Wiltshire, YACbook is a way of connecting with people your age in similar caring situations. On YACbook you can find -


  • Links to advice, information and how you can get support by registering with us

  • Regular blogs on everything from mental health to cooking. Look out for our creative activities you can get involved with!

  • Events in your area and how to get involved

We're Here For You

We can provide the support that's right for you - whether that's through the advice and information available here on YACbook, or through registering with us at Carer Support Wiltshire. 


You can register online HERE, and our friendly team will contact you to take the next steps and find out whats best for you. 


Over the age of 25? Not to worry - check out Carer Support Wiltshire for advice and support. 

We Support You


As a network partner of Carers Trust, we work with essential organisations and charities to make sure you get the support and advice you need. 


Through our events for young adult carers and our growing social media presence, we stay connected with you, supporting you in not just your caring role but also outside of it - like applying for university, studying at college, looking for employment or just focusing on having time for yourself. We're here for you.  

We Work Together