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How can we help you?

Help& Support

Here on YACbook we can help and support you in many different ways. Just looking for a place for advice or to read experiences from young adult carers like you? Or maybe our resource library can help you, providing useful numbers and websites so you know who to get in touch with and when. 

Need more support? By registering with us HERE, we can offer you advice specific to your situation, provide you with 1-1 support with our young adult carer support worker, or just simply be there for you when you're unsure of where to turn. 

Support with Education

Are you currently in education struggling to balance studying with your caring role? Or maybe things at home have gotten too difficult and you've have had to quit your studies? 


We can work with your college or university to ensure you get the help you need to continue your studies and assist you with the tools to apply to achieve your goals. 


And if you're struggling financially to stay in education, or are unsure how you will afford to go, we can help you find out what funding you may be entitled to and simply, help you figure things out. 

"Support worker Andrea made a massive impact on my decision to apply for university."  

Kerran, 18. 

"I started to realise that my skill base for work later in life is smaller than others due to caring for my mum. But volunteering has shown me so many things, I love the variety of the role." Danielle, Carer and Volunteer. 

Support with Employment

Support with Employment

Balancing caring for someone alongside working can be incredibly hard. But maybe you would like to get back into work after having to give it up for your caring role, or maybe you've never had a chance to find a career you love. Whatever your situation, we can support you.



From CV and interview advice, free courses that can further your skills and volunteering opportunities, we can help you gain confidence and take the next steps to find your career or exciting new job.  


Supporting You

We know how confusing, worrying and sometimes isolating caring can be. And as a young adult carer, sometimes it can feel like you're missing out on everything that's out there for other people your age. 


Through support with education, employment, or simply with advice and information online, on the phone or through 1-1 support, we're here in whatever way is best for you.


If you haven't already, check out our useful Resource Library for important websites, phone numbers and information. And don't forget to register with us HERE or call us on 0800 181 4118. 


Plus check out our events, carers cafes and support groups HERE to meet other young adults in similar situations. You're never alone on YACbook. 

We're with you for the journey...

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