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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Understanding your own mental health and taking care of yourself is so important, especially if you're looking after someone else.

Maybe you suffer from a mental health condition that can be made worse by your caring role, or you look after someone who also has a mental health condition. Whatever it may be, we can support you.

Looking After 
Someone with
Mental Health

Looking after someone with mental health issues 

may mean your caring role is different to others. You may spend a lot of time offering emotional support rather than the more physical side of caring. Check out the resources below for information, advice and support. You can also contact us if you are in Wiltshire.

Looking After
Your Own
Mental Health

Your own mental health and wellbeing is so important, but it can be hard to focus on getting help for yourself if your caring for someone else. 

Read the YACbook blog for self care tips, relaxation and advice on finding time for yourself, and check out the links below for more help and information.

Mental Health Resources

In crisis or need urgent support for you or someone else? Click here for advice from the NHS.

Remember to call 999 if there is an immediate  threat to life.

The Mix

The Mix is a resource for under 25's - they also have a crisis messenger.


Mind has information and advice on a range of mental health issues.


Specific to Wiltshire, you can self refer to courses from stress to anxiety.


Samaritans has a helpline that is free and confidential open to all ages.

The Blurt Foundation

Increasing awareness around depression and low mood.


Online counseling and support

for young people. 

Young Minds

Young Minds have a free crisis messenger available 24/7.


Rethink has resources on mental health and specific information for carers.



Advice on coping with
mental health and caring at University
from Young Adult Carer, Hannah

I find my mental health can deteriorate when I let work get on top of me so I find it is better for me to get the work done as and when I get it instead of leaving it to the last minute.


If I let it stress me out and get me down I find myself thinking that I’m not good enough for uni and I’m letting my family/myself down, which I know isn’t the case but it's easy to let it take over your head! 

Connecting with the Young Adult Carer team has made such a difference and I do feel like speaking to someone, either at school, university or the doctors really makes all the difference. Let them know you're a carer and that your struggling and they can get you the help you need. 

Click the icon below for the Useful Number page for who to call for advice and support with mental health.
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