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Dealing with loneliness as a young adult carer

It can be hard usually, let alone in a pandemic for a young carer to lead a full social life due to the responsibilities of a caring role. Despite your responsibilities, it is so important to connect with friends and family emotionally and mentally, if not physically. Read our blog written by Young Adult Carer Rosario on how to tackle loneliness as a young person looking after someone.

One of the challenges faced by young carers that could lead to loneliness even if they are not living alone is feeling misunderstood. It might be hard for young carers to talk about life at home because of fear of how other people will think or how they will react.

But if you can take that leap, getting support is incredibly important and can provide the opportunity to take some time out with other young people in a similar position.

It can be scary to open up to people who might not know about your caring role, but opening up to the people in your life about the extra struggles you might be facing could help you feel less alone, build a support network and help others gain insight. It could make someone else feel less lonely knowing they can help you! This could be in the form of a deep chat with a friend or asking a neighbour help with errands.

Phone calls, social media and apps like FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and Houseparty can help with this if you want to see their faces. Another idea is to use Google Docs with friends and create a document with group activities you can do like a lockdown diary where you share your experiences or write down films you all want to watch and discuss together.

Self-care can also help with loneliness. it is important to make time for this even if you feel too busy. Making the most of some much deserved "me time" could be –

- going for a walk and connecting with nature,

- reading is a great way to feel less alone through connecting with characters.

- Cooking

- mindfulness,

- art,

- running

- playing with pets

Whatever it is your into or have always wanted to do, you deserve to do it.

If you are looking after someone, contact us here, or register as a carer to get information, advice or support. You are not alone.

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