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Young Carer Action Day 2021 - Protecting Young Carers' Futures

It's Young Carer Action day on the 16th of March 2021, a day dedicated to young carers futures, highlighting the incredible skills they have developed through being a carer – like resilience, time-management and empathy.

We are asking young carers and young adult carers to – Shout Your Skills! As a carer, you develop so many incredibly skills and it’s important that you shout about them! Especially when you’re thinking about your future, highlighting what skills you used and developed as a carer can help with job applications, university applications and more.

If you’re looking after someone, maybe you often help with medication, or organising medical appointments? When writing your CV, or applying for university, you can translate this into key skills and qualities like being reliable, trustworthy, organised and having key time management skills.

What other caring skills can translate to the workplace or education? SHOUT YOUR SKILLS!

Fill in this card from the Carers Trust to shout about the skills you have gained as a young adult carer.

We've updated our website!

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