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#UniMentalHealthDay - young adult carers in the LGBTQ community

Did you know that young adult carers that are members of the LGBTQ+ community reported extremely high levels of bullying. 83% had personally experienced bullying in school, 40% in college and 27% at university. 88% reported to have, or to have had, mental health problems.

Just another reason why it's so important to raise awareness with #UniMentalHealthDay and provide young adult carers with the confidence to get support and advice.

There can be a lot of stress, anxiety and uncertainty that comes with caring and studying. Even if your caring role has stopped temporarily if you are living away, the worry and the concern can still be there.

But your caring role doesn't have to stop you from following your dreams, and getting help with your own mental health and wellbeing is essential and incredibly important.

Find information, advice and support on YACbook's LGBTQ page and Education page, and also check out Student Minds to see what's going on in your area for #UniMentalHealthDay You are not alone.

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