Under Pressure - Carers quitting work and education

It can be incredibly hard to balance everything when you're caring for someone else. From taking care of your own health and meeting friends, to struggling at work or university. The pressure carers feel can be immense, in fact Carers UK recently found more than 600 people a day leave their jobs because of the demands of being a carer. Something has to be done.

If you're a young adult carer, it might be that you haven't gotten onto the career ladder just yet, or you're studying at college at university. Just starting off in your career or studying for further education can be hard enough on its own, let alone if you are looking after someone. Carers Trust found that young adult carers aged 16-18 are twice as likely to be not in education, employment, or training than other young people their age.

So what can be done?

In a recent article by the BBC, "Better workplace support for people juggling paid work with caring for a loved one is becoming an increasingly important issue," said Ms Walker, head of Carers UK. Flexible working hours, up to 10 days of paid carers leave and an understanding of carers and the difficulties they face in the workplace are all key for businesses to help carers and empower them to not have to quit their jobs.

If you are a young adult carer - check out the education and employment support pages here, or contact us for more support.

If you are an adult carer - check out Carer Support Wiltshire for support and information. And check out our Working for Carers website - Working with employers across England, helping them to identify and support the carers in their workforce.

You are not alone.

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