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Studying While Caring - Kerran's Experience

Kerran where he loves to be most - Outside!

Studying can be stressful enough, let alone if you care or look after someone else. In fact, many young adult carers drop out of education or decide not to apply to university because juggling both their caring role and studying is just too much to handle.

Kerran, a young adult carer from Chippenham, spoke to YACbook about his experience with studying and caring, and how 'education stress' really started to take a toll on everything in his life. At 18 years old, Kerran has been caring throughout his SATs at Primary School, his GCSE's and beyond. He cares for both his mum, who struggles with mental illness and physical disabilities and her partner, who also suffers from physical problems.

"I'm really close to my mum. She wants me to do a lot in life. As much as I help her, she helps me on track and keep everything in order."

Despite his close relationship with his mum and her partner, Kerran's caring role is incredibly tiering both physically and emotionally. Along with doing things such as pushing his mum's wheelchair, maintaining the garden and doing the laundry, Kerran also emotionally supports his mum when she has periods of low mood.

The care Kerran provides for his mum and her partner takes up a lot of his time, and coupled with his dyslexia, he's found education and studying incredibly hard. Soon, despite Kerran's love of animals and desire to study animal science at university, he felt overwhelmed with managing both studying and caring at the same time and decided not to apply to university.

But meeting support worker Andrea from Carer Support Wiltshire in Kerran's second year of college was when everything changed for the better. Now receiving support and advice from Andrea and the team, Kerran felt able to explore his education options and pursue his goals of studying animal science.

"Andrea and the support from Carer Support Wiltshire made a massive impact on my decision to apply to university".

Now in his last year of college, Kerran has received an offer to continue his studies with animals and is incredibly hopeful for the future. As a keen reader of fantasy novels, his dyslexia and his role as a young adult carer have always been challenging, but have never truly stopped him from following his dreams.

"I think YACbook is such a good idea because I always search for information online. It just makes such a difference if it's all in one place."

If you're stressed out about studying, or feel you can't go on to university because of your caring role, call us on 0800 181 4118, or register here so someone can contact you. Check out the education section under Help and Support to see more of the help we can offer!

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