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#StayingBusy #StayingHome - 5 activities to do at home

Keeping your mind occupied can really help you to stay grounded and calm at this strange time. And if you're looking after someone else, it might mean you are also struggling to keep them entertained and busy too. Read on to hear our five activities for staying well at home.

1. Doodling, drawing or painting

The great thing about drawing or painting is that you don't need to have fancy tools or be really good at art. Just doodling some flowers with a pen can be a great way to have a quiet five minutes to relax. You can even have competitions with other people in your house, like who can draw the best house, or the strangest animal. Have you been drawing or painting? We'd love to see your pictures!


Not being able to go out and see friends can be hard - but you can bring them to you! The free Houseparty app allows you to see and chat with your friends without leaving the house. You can just simply chat and catch up, or why not try doing a pub quiz together?

3. Read or write

Take some time to read those books you've always been meaning to read, or listen to an audiobook while you're doing other things. You can even read out loud to the person you look after so they are involved. Or, why not try starting a journal and documenting your life at this crazy time. Writing is a great way of releasing emotions, and can be very therapeutic. Find some writing prompts here.

4. Visit a museum online

The British Museum has gone online! From exploring the virtual galleries, listening to audio tours or learning about the Romans, you can get the full museum experience for free and from your home here.

5. Do a workout from home

Staying active is especially important at this time when we are spending most of the day stuck indoors. But there are so many fun workouts and exercises out there you can do from home, at any fitness level. Try yoga, learn a new dance routine, or join in with PE with Joe Wickes.

Let us know if you try any of our ideas out, and share your ideas for keeping busy too!


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