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Self Care and Caring - Looking After You

In honour of #WorldMentalHealthDay, we're talking about self-care. 'Self-care' has become one of those trendy words that you might have seen everywhere from social media, youtube videos or in magazines and articles. Self-care basically means looking after yourself, something we often forget to do in our busy lives. It means taking the time to do the little things that make you feel better or that you enjoy without feeling guilty. It's a rare moment to put yourself first!

When it comes to caring and being a young adult carer, the term 'self-care' couldn't be more on the mark. Lots of young adult carers tell us they rarely have time for themselves, and if they do, it's hard not to feel guilty for having some time to yourself when you usually care of someone else who relies on you for your help.

It's really easy to forget you have to care for yourself when you're looking after someone else, but incredibly important. Not only is practising self-care vital for your mental health, mood, emotional and physical wellbeing, it's also important to ensure you don't burn out! Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do to be able to care for someone else.

And the great thing about self-care as it truly can be anything. Maybe washing your hair makes you feel better? Or maybe it's painting your nails, reading a book, playing with your pet or dancing around your kitchen. For me, it's taking a nap when things just get a little stressful. What comes to mind when you think about looking after yourself?

Here are some ideas to try -

Go for a walk and listen to a podcast or some relaxing music.

Take a break from social media

Have a bath and do a relaxing face mask

Stare at the stars or the moon (this is one of my favourite things to do!)

Light a candle and have a mindfulness moment

Drink your favourite hot drink


Write down five things you're grateful for

Draw a picture or doodle

Read a book or a magazine

Rewatch a feel good film

Stroke an animal

Have a long hot shower

Want to read more about self-care? Here are some great resources for more tips, ideas and tools to help you take care of of yourself.

Remember, self care is all about taking time for you and making yourself feel better in whatever way works for you. Do you currently practice self care? What sort of things do you do? We'd love to know!

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