Joshua's Story - Caring and Parenting

Joshua supporting #CareForMeToo

Everyone's caring roles can be incredibly different, and circumstances at home can affect others in different ways. Young Adult Carer Joshua has a unique caring role, because he also has two young children.

Joshua, a young adult carer from Chippenham, has been caring for his partner for all of his twenties and at the age of only 25, has taken on a lot of responsibility. His partner suffers from epilepsy, meaning Joshua and his family’s lives are quite unpredictable, never knowing when his partner might have a fit, which can sometimes leave her bedridden for days afterwards.

With two children, aged 3 and 8, Joshua spends most of his time looking after others. He takes the kids to nursery and school, cleans, cooks, helps with his partner’s medication, takes care of the finances and does the families shopping. Life never stops for Joshua.

‘My caring role has an effect on my life because you never know when a seizure is going to happen. I’m worried and stressed a lot of the time, especially if I leave my partner at home, in case something does happen.’

Before becoming a carer and a Dad, Joshua studied performing arts at Bath College and even appeared in Star Wars and Doctor Who. He has a real passion for acting and costume design and is incredibly creative. Most recently, he won a costume competition at a wrestling event he attended, allowing him a much deserved break from his caring role.

‘Coming to the young adult carer café really helps, it’s nice to get out of the house because sometimes I just feel trapped with caring and parenting.’

Although Joshua is the main carer for his partner, their eldest child who is 8 is beginning to take on responsibilities in caring for her Mum, and is starting to understand what her Mum’s condition really means.

For the future, Joshua really hopes to have a chance to continue his acting, and get into prop and costume design for theatre, TV and movies.

‘I’m looking forward to working with Carer Support Wiltshire in the creative side of stuff, like filming interviews and videos. It will be great to be able to use my skills.’

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