Join us LIVE for Carers Rights Day! 30th November 2018

The number of unpaid carers across the UK is only growing, yet still many are unaware of the support out there for them. This Carers Rights Day the focus is on supporting people to prepare for the future with the theme: Caring for Your Future.

To celebrate Carers Rights Day on the 30th of November, we will be hosting two LIVE webinars with help from our friends from Zurich on Facebook. These webinars are for anyone, carers or otherwise, needing advice and information on entering or returning to work, CV tips and job hunting, and all things personal finance and budgeting.

Join us on the Carer Support Wiltshire Facebook page on the 30th of November at 10am for the personal finance webinar, and at 2pm for the job seeking and CV advice webinar. You can ask questions and if you miss the beginning or have to dip out before the end - no worries, the videos will be uploaded and saved to the Carer Support Wiltshire page for you to rewatch again and share. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates and until then - we'll see you on the 30th!

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