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How to cope if you are struggling with lockdown

Written by Young Adult Carer Rosario

The second and most recent lockdown have been a lot harder for me than the first. In the beginning, though scary, the pandemic was new whereas now it has gone on for a long time. I was also focusing on finishing my master's dissertation. I have struggled with a lack of routine. I have also been apart from my family for too long. I have to give emotional support as best as I can from a distance. It's hard not being on the spot. I am opening up about my struggle to normalise the way I'm sure many others are feeling.

Steps I've taken to cope that could help you too:


If like me, you don't live with the person you care for, in lockdown communication helps reassure you and them. I have sent cards and letters to my family and call them regularly. If you are caring in this time take time out for yourself to talk to other family members and friends. Others are often willing to listen if you are struggling.

2. Have a routine

Make a list of what you want to achieve for the day. Writing down your achievements however small helps you celebrate what you've done. Getting up and going to bed at the same time can also help.

3.Make time to do things you enjoy

Despite your caring role, you will be a better carer if you care for yourself. Be it exercising, baking or watching Netflix. It can be hard to feel joyful at the moment but the little things help.

4.Get help

Remember you are not alone. If you are in Wiltshire, you can register with us to get information, help and advice. There are also online young adult carer cafes with different themes where you can talk to support workers and other young adult carers. Find out more on what is available here.

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