#DyslexiaAwarenessWeek - Empowered with Dyslexia

It's #DyslexiaAwarenessWeek. Did you know one in ten of us are estimated to be dyslexic? People with dyslexia are often told about the weaknesses and downfalls of being dyslexic, but there are a lot of strengths in it too. From being able to see the bigger picture and communicating with others, this awareness week is all about empowering those with dyslexia.

Young adult carer Kerran loves to read fantasy novels despite being dyslexic. Young adult carer Celina is succeeding at college and loving work experience at a vets. Being dyslexic doesn't stop her from reaching her goals.

I'm Georgia, the Young Adult Carer Communications Officer and I'm dyslexic too. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in my second year of university and my writing and work improved so much just from knowing my weaknesses and turning them into challenges that I could overcome. If you are unsure if you have dyslexia, find out more information on screening tests here.

Being dyslexic should not hold you back from sharing your story! Even if you are not confident with your writing skills, we can work with you and help you write blogs and share your story and ideas for www.YACbook.co.uk. Interested? Message us here.

And if you're struggling at college or university, with your caring role, dyslexia or something else, check out our support with education page here, or contact us and get in touch.

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