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Wiltshire Numbers 

People and places to call for information, advice and support specific to Wiltshire.

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Carer Support Wiltshire

0800 181 4118

Wiltshire Adult Social Care

0808 808 4000

Out of Hours Line
0845 607 0888

YACbook is a part of Carer Support Wiltshire and is dedicated to supporting you as a carer. Register with us here or call our freephone number to talk to one of our lovely team members for advice, support and information about your caring role and how it affects your life. 

Wiltshire Council Adult Social Care is available for anyone to contact. You might want to call them if you have any concerns about who you care for, or for any advice about their needs. They can provide things such as equipment or external carers for the person you care for, and provide useful advice. 

Wiltshire Citizens Advice

01249 474064

Wiltshire Citizens Advice Bureau has a dedicated Carers Project that offers support to carers in Wiltshire with welfare benefits advice, debt and money management advice and more.

The advice they give is free and confidential.  

Wiltshire Substance Misuse Service - Turning Point

0345 603 6993

Wiltshire Council Hearing & Vision Team
01380 725201

Wiltshire Substance Misuse service or Turning Point can provide advice and support with drugs or alcohol misuse for you or who you care for. They have mentors who can provide 1-1 support, and they also work with other agencies to provide you with the support you or the person you care for may need. 

Wiltshire Council Hearing and Vision Team can provide services for people who are blind, have limited or impaired sight or are deaf or have hearing loss. They can also provide advice and information, and provide minor equipment to help manage life at home. 

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