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Useful tools for young adult carers!

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Jointly App

The Jointly App is a place to easily share and store information with others who need to know about the person you care for, or who also have a role in caring for them. You can set up appointments, allocate tasks, manage medication and save files so that everyone who needs to be in the loop knows what's going on. 

To get access to the Jointly App you need to be registered with us, if you haven't already you can do that HERE, and once you have you can get access to the app through this form HERE. 

Monitored and provided by Carers UK

The forum is a great place to connect with others, get advice from those who have experience with caring, and just let off steam and chat with people who understand what you're going through. Our forum is moderated and managed by Carers UK, which has a specific section for Young Adult Carers. 


To use the forum, you have to be registered with us. If you're not registered already, you can register HERE, and if you are registered, use this form HERE to sign up to gain access to the form. 

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