Carers Rights

Understanding what it means to be a young adult carer in the UK

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Maybe you've just started caring, or have been for a while and have been unsure where to get support and information - but now you're in the right place.

Knowing what your rights are as a carer and what you are entitled to can be incredibly useful. Here are a few explained below.  

What does the government say about carers?

Carer's Right to an Assesment

If you are a young adult carer you have the right to a 'needs assessment' which looks at how caring affects you and what support could be put in place to help you. If you are a carer in Wiltshire and are not already registered with us, you can do so HERE to see about getting a needs assessment.  

The council say they "will provide carers’ assessments to young adult carers who are aged 18 or over in line with duties in the Care Act 2014 so that they can fulfil their aspirations in relation to their education, employment and health," Carers Trust, 2015.

What are my rights when caring and working?

Carers Rights to Flexible Working

If you care for a child under 18 that has a disability, you have the right to request flexible working arrangements from your employer. You also have the right to ask your employer for flexible working if you look after someone who is related to you, or lives at the same address as you. 

You can also get emergency leave, paid or unpaid. 

Your employer could also offer a chance for you to talk to a welfare officer or occupational health advisor, or access to your phone in case of emergencies. It's important to talk to your employer so you can get the support you need. 

What benefits may I be entitled to as a carer?

Benefits Available to Carers

Carers Allowance is the main benefit for carers. To be eligible for this benefit, which pays £62.70 a week, you have to spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone. 

There are also benefits not specific to carers that you may be eligible for, like Universal Credit, Income Support and more. 
Try the Benefit Calculator on for help understanding what you may be entitled to. 

Sometimes claiming Carers Allowance can affect the amount of benefit the person you care for receives. To find out more, NiDirect has great information about benefits, or call us for advice and information. 

Want to know more or talk things through with someone? Register here or call us on 0800 181 4118. We'd love to hear from you.