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Alcohol & Addiction Numbers

People and places to call for information, advice and support on alcohol and addiction. 

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0300 123 1110

Drinkline offer free, confidential, accurate and consistent information and advice to callers who are concerned about their own or someone else`s drinking. They are open 9am - 8pm Monday - Friday, and 11am-4pm Weekends.


0300 888 3853

DrugFAM offer a free helpline offered for those affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use, including those bereaved by addiction. The helpline is open 7 days a week from 9am - 9pm.


0300 1236600


Text Line

FRANK offer a free helpline and text line for honest, open and unbiased information on drugs and alcohol. They also provide information and support if you're worried about someone else.

National Society for Children of Alcoholics

0800 358 3456

NACOA offers a free helpline for information, advice and support for children or families affected by someones drinking. Anonymous and confidential.

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